At Roberts Technology Solutions, we care about our clients and their businesses. We show this by providing our best every day. Don’t take our word for it though! Read what some of our clients have to say about us…

Customer Service At Its Finest

No more worrying about whether we “make the call” or not because we know the charges are covered in our monthly fee! We are able to talk with pretty much the same person all the time as opposed to dealing with numerous individuals and having to explain the hurdle multiple times.

If you want “customer service at its finest” and a company that will not just spend your money (when it’s not necessary) then choose RTS!

Gordon Parker Executive Vice President - Employee Owner
Rinderknecht Associates

Roberts Technology Solutions Does It All

Our biggest benefit with RTS - across the board - is the quick response time whenever an issue comes up. I always know someone will be in contact with me right away and that the problem will be addressed in a quick and timely manner. This is with regards to hardware, software, or an answer to a ‘How do you do this’ question. Everyone with RTS is skilled at what they do and are true professionals.

To anyone on the fence --- What more can you ask for? RTS does it all. Big problem, small, or in our case huge, RTS comes through every time!

Marty Chute Plant Manager
Johnson Gas Appliance Co

They Understand How Important It Is To Always Have Your Business Running

The biggest benefit since we started working with RTS is knowing what our bill will be every month. It’s a lot easier to budget. Their personal touch is better than any other IT firm we have worked with in the past. Everybody is responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, and very good at what they do!

If you are looking for a new managed service provider, take a look at this local company. My company is important to them.  My company’s needs are important to them.  There have been many holidays/weekends where we have had emergencies.  There is always somebody to answer the phone or email and fix the issues as quickly as possible.  They understand how important it is to always have your business running.

Dave Wilslef Owner/Marketing Director
Home Town Restyling

Attentive To Clients

What sets RTS apart is having someone from the team onsite each day to check in on us and make sure everything is running smoothly. When we do have to put a service ticket in, the team attends to it in a timely manner! The RTS team is great!!

Teri Roalson Front Office Supervisor
OB-GYN Associates PC

We Don’t Worry About IT

The single biggest benefit of our partnership with RTS is not having to take time out of our busy schedules to worry about IT. Now we can focus on what we do best – running our business. RTS’s willingness to meet in person gives me confidence that my needs are being understood and met.

Al Buck Al Buck Partner + Architect
Solum Lang Architects, LLC

They Stand Apart From Other Firms

Since transferring our managed service plan to RTS, we experience faster turnaround times on our service tickets.  When emailing the team to start a ticket, we typically get a response very quick.

RTS employees are very good at helping and explaining things to the average (non-IT savvy) person. The morals and ethics at RTS match our company’s morals and ethics, making the relationship a great fit! Another great thing about RTS, that makes them stand out from other firms, is that you get to talk to a live person from the start of the phone call!

Start by signing up with a no-contract agreement and in no time you’ll see how they stand apart from other firms.  Plus, around Christmas time…. they might just stop by with some very yummy homemade treats. They are good people!

Mindy E. Walderbach MediaQuest Signs

Quality Of Work Is Superb

The level of service we are receiving has been superior to other companies we have worked with in terms of quality and response time when we may have an issue. The Managed Service Plan covers ALL our equipment. In the long run, this plan has led to fewer issues and has been more economical for us! The RTS team’s service has always been fast, and repairs or new equipment have been set up quickly and efficiently.

You won’t regret going with RTS!  The communication has been honest and up front.  The quality of work has been superb, and I believe it is extremely cost friendly based on the level of service we receive.

Trevor Parks President
Trevor Parks Construction Company

I Am Free To Focus On Business Operations

What has been the biggest benefit of working with RTS? It frees up time for me to put to other important business operations! RTS is a trustworthy and responsible partner, making it easy to pass the IT management off to their team.

RTS has prompt service, clear communication, and friendly support staff.

If you are ready to make a change in your company’s IT, we highly recommend RTS. They have proven to be a good fit for our firm.

Loren Hoffman Team Leader
Hall & Hall Engineers, Inc.

Small Town Feel With Big City Resources

The biggest benefit of moving to a Managed Service Plan is knowing that people who know our system inside and out will help solve our IT issues. They have the whole picture in front of them and understand how everything fits together.

We were looking for a company that could provide personal service. We wanted to build relationships with the people answering our emails and calls, and not be connected to someone unfamiliar with our company and employees. RTS is small enough that they can provide that level of service but big enough to tackle all of our IT challenges.

If you don’t want to feel like a number, choose RTS. Small town feel with big city resources.

Darby Winger Marketing and Engagement Manager
Rinderknecht Associates, Inc.

Great Customer Service Provider

RTS’s point of contact and response are terrific! Their staff provide great customer service from the first point of contact. It’s always nice to hear a friendly person on the other line, knowing you are stressing and need help fast. I always hang up the phone with a smile on my face.

The RTS team’s response time and problem solving are amazing. Their staff understands our software programs and never waste our time guessing at the solution. They know how to get us up and running again.

Scott Friauf President
Rinderknecht Associates

Flexible and Responsive IT Company, Right for Any Need or Project!

For many years, we’ve trusted Roberts Technology Solutions with ALL our technology needs. They are always willing to work with us on special projects, and they take care of our daily IT needs right away! The staff at RTS is very personable and wonderful to work with. We’ve received a true business partner in them. If you are needing an IT provider who will work with you on what YOU need, and someone who can be there FAST with knowledgeable, friendly staff, look no further and give Roberts Technology Solutions a call today!

Amy Woodward CFO
Johnson Gas Appliance Company

My Patience Is Never Tested With Their Fast And Friendly Service!

When it comes to Roberts Technology Solutions you can really count on a quick response to all your problems. They are the fastest tech company we have ever worked with, and I’m not known for my patience when things don’t work, so take it from me.  Your problems will be handled in a timely manner, and the staff is always friendly.  I would say if you are looking for a new IT firm it’s probably because your needs aren’t being met with your current IT provider.  If this sounds like your IT company, why keep doing the same thing and expecting different results? Give Roberts Technology Solutions a chance to prove their worth.  You will be glad you did!

Tom Casey President
Home Town Restyling

RTS In Three Words: Personal, Professional, and Caring!

Roberts Technology Solutions has two huge benefits when it comes to IT support: personal service and cost savings. We haven’t worked with many other IT companies, but when I call RTS and they recognize my voice instead of my phone number, it shows they care about their clients. Combined with their professionalism, the service they provide has me hooked! If you’re looking to switch to another IT firm, give RTS a call and tell them what you’re looking for! If you don’t know where to start, they will ask the right questions to get you what you need, and they won’t push you to buy products that aren’t necessary.

Shelley Taylor Office Manager
L.J. Leonard Logistics, Inc

RTS Has Far Superior Service!

Our transition to Roberts Technology Solutions was seamless. We needed some work done on our old database for years, but we were previously told that it could not be done. Dan and his team came in, found a solution for it, and now everything is running great! Additionally, RTS is a very responsive service provider, which is critical to us. The service we've received from them is far superior than what we previously experienced. Anyone who is looking for a different IT firm should give RTS a shot-you will not be disappointed!

Greg Ortmann Owner
Feiereisen, Inc.

Thanks to RTS, We Could Literally Weather the Storm!

Following the derecho, I have thought about RTS often with such thanks for the remote connection they set up for us years ago. Because of this, we were able to keep paychecks coming to clients' employees on time and remove that stress for people. Thanks to RTS, we were set up in a way that we could literally weather the storm!

S.H. Local Accounting and Payroll Company

Honest, Great For a Small to Medium-Sized Company

Our company started working with Roberts Technology Solutions when Dan had not been in business for himself very long. This has been a big benefit for us—we both grew together as companies for 14 years and are still working with them. I have known Dan for a long time, and I feel that RTS is honest and works with us to meet all our needs. They are a great IT solutions provider for a small to medium-sized company.

Sara Liebe Vice President
Liebe Trucking, Inc.

‘Solutions’ Is The Perfect Name For This Company!

Thus far, Roberts Technology Solutions has been everything I wanted it to be. The changeover from our previous IT provider was quick and nearly transparent. When we call the office, our calls are answered and resolved quickly and the RTS staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Additionally, they keep an eye on our equipment and software and recommend updates when needed, but don’t try to oversell us. The billing is fair and uncomplicated, and I love the e-newsletters, too! ‘Solutions’ is a perfect name for this company!


Barbara Hames-Bryant President
Hames Homes LLC

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