Dan founded Roberts Technology Solutions, Inc in 1999 with a vision of providing the most reliable and professional IT solutions in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor area. He has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and served as an IT consultant for numerous telecom companies before starting RTS.

Within his years of experience, Dan’s expertise lies within the realms of cybersecurity. He holds a US patent on a fraud detection system for long distance calling for MCI. Dan is committed to helping his clients achieve the best business results through custom technology solutions and ensures the rest of the RTS team works with the same vision in mind. He believes IT companies should be a true business partner with their clients instead of just another technology vendor.


Over the last 9 years with RTS, Jamie’s favorite part of her day is seeing the joy, relief, and appreciation on a client’s face after helping them resolve a situation. Her nearly 17 years of experience in IT has allowed her to work in a variety of industries and broaden her skill set. In her spare time, Jamie enjoys coaching soccer and traveling. She hopes to someday fulfill an item on her bucket list by visiting every continent in the world.


Adrian’s secret to turning a bad day into a good one is to stop, take a breath, and force a smile. After smiling for a while, he says his smile begins to feel real. This smile and his positive attitude are also how he provides an excellent customer experience. Adrian’s goal is to improve the client’s day by resolving their IT issues and make them happy by the end. When he is not working, Adrian likes to spend time with his fiancé, play video games, and absorb the latest technology news.


Eric’s appreciation for internet technology began when he had the opportunity to sit in on an IT class in college. He enjoys the interesting and exciting nature of his work at RTS, and every day brings a new challenge. Outside of work, Eric spends time with his wife and daughter. He also enjoys landscaping, cooking, and board games. Wanting to see major historical events first-hand, Eric hopes that someday technology is advanced enough to support time travel.