URGENT! Please Read!


As you've probably heard in the news, there was a massive cyber attack this weekend which spread to more than 100 countries. Criminals infiltrated networks and encrypted (scrambled) files and demanded money to unscramble them.

This "ransomware" outbreak is using tools developed by the NSA, which makes it extremely powerful and cutting edge. While the initial attack was stopped through a stroke of dumb luck, experts are predicting the next variation is coming – and coming soon. It is important to understand legacy anti-virus software does NOT keep you safe from this type of attack.

It is imperative everyone is diligent in not opening attachments via email if you are not 100% certain they are safe. We have pushed out updates to all machines which update the potential security flaw this attack is taking advantage of. Even though our recovery processes protect the server and network data in case of infection, individual computers are at risk of losing all data stored locally.

We continue to work with vendors on making sure everyone is protected. Call us today so we can keep this threat out of your network or if you have any questions on this risk: 319-364-3004.